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Relieves Pain with Electrical Muscle Stimulat

Dr. Antonio Crisci Relieves Pain with Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy in Milford, OH

Every person experiences pain differently. As a result, there are many different forms of treatments and technologies that cover a wide range of ailments. Dr. Antonio Crisci offers a number of relief services at American Health Chiropractic in Milford, OH. Electrical muscle stimulation is one of the modern therapies offered at Dr. Crisci’s practice to promote healing and overall health. American Health Chiropractic wants patients to learn more about this non-invasive pain therapy and how it can provide them with relief.

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy delivers a small electrical current through your muscles and other soft tissues. This current encourages the release of endorphins. These endorphins provide natural and effective pain relief by alleviating swelling and trigger points that cause uncomfortable spasms. This technique relaxes the muscles, allows the body to regain flexibility, and relieves pain and tension.

During an electrical muscle stimulation therapy session at American Health Chiropractic, you will feel no more than a slight tingle at the treated area. Milford, OH patients can use electrical muscle stimulation to address a number of ailments. This therapy is a great way to treat acute injuries, as well as chronic back pain, osteoarthritis and muscle atrophy. Electrical muscle stimulation is also a great way to supplement sports therapy and physical rehabilitation treatments.

Dr. Crisci invites you to visit his experienced team at American Health Chiropractic to experience the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation firsthand. They look forward to helping Milford, OH patients start a path to a more fulfilling and pain-free life.

For more information on electrical muscle stimulation at American Health Chiropractic, or call 513-576-6699 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Antonio Crisci in Milford, OH.


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